What we do

Tree of Compassion supports a number of projects around the world that benefit others. In terms of animals, two priority projects we work on are the Animal Liberation Sanctuary in Kathmandu, Nepal and MAITRI Charitable Trust’s Animal Care Program in Bodhgaya, India. We also support MAITRI’s wider programs including health clinics and village schools. In addition to these, we support a number of activities such as dog rescue and treatment in Dharamsala, India via Tibet Charity, the treatment of injured wildlife in Australia through the work of veterinarian Dr Howard Ralph (our veterinarian advisor), plus numerous other smaller projects and activities such as re-homing companion animals from death row.

We regularly provide training on the treatment and care of wildlife across Australia via Dr Howard Ralph and others on our team.

We are involved in disaster response work and Tree of Compassion committee members have responded to a number of disasters around the world over the years including oil spills, bushfires, cyclones, floods and earthquakes providing veterinary treatment and care to animals.

We also advocate for a kinder word to animals by promoting vegetarianism and veganism, calling for an end to the live animal export trade, the sale of animals in pet stores, animals used in sport and entertainment such as duck shooting, advocating for the use of cruelty-free products, and for people to generally adopt a more compassionate lifestyle for themselves, the planet and for the animals.

Why a Tree, Why Compassion?

Animal Liberation Sanctuary – find out more.

Dr Howard Ralph & Tania Duratovic, Black Saturday Fires (Photo:JGalea)

Dr Howard Ralph & Tania Duratovic, Black Saturday Fires (Photo:JGalea)