The environment is the place where we live, it is our source of food, water and shelter and it is our future. This is the same for all of earth’s living beings. We are all interconnected. Just as the towering tree depends on its roots, the earth, the sun and the rain, and insects and animals to spread its seed and maintain its vigour, we also depend on many different things. Understanding our place and our role in the environment can help us reduce unintentional harms and also help us learn to benefit it and the beings that also call it home.

There are many groups campaigning to protect the environment or helping educate people about it. Tree of Compassion helps to support the work of those smaller groups that are effective at a grass roots level but could do with more support. We also help to fill the gaps, for projects and activities that no one else is doing.

A monkey rests in a tree near houses, India