Our Wish List

If you would like to help us in our work, please consider donating any of the items on the list below. You can ask your veterinarian, doctor, dentist or pharmacy to donate supplies. Often they have items that are recently out of date or are upgrading their equipment. Hospitals are also a good source of supplies & often have ‘single use’ items that we can re-use.

Donations of the following equipment or items will help Tree of Compassion reduce overheads and direct more money to supporting our vital welfare work.

Items can be sent to our address in Australia (see ‘Contact Us’).

Please let us know if you are traveling to Nepal or India.

In Nepal, our treatment room for animals at the Animal Liberation Sanctuary is in need of equipment such as a good microscope & small autoclave.

Small autoclave (less than 20kg in weight)
Collars (dogs & goats) & halters (goats) and leashes
Surgical instruments including orthopaedic equipment such as bone saw & drill, plates, screws, pins etc
Laryngoscope with various sized blades
Otoscope with various sized ear pieces
Ophthalmoscope with various heads
Sutures (both soluble and insoluble especially Vicryl 2.0, 3.0, 4.0)
Spay/neuter kits
Medicines (suitable for companion or farm animals) eg, injectable/oral vitamins, antibiotics, external parasite control eg, Bravecto, Revolution, Frontline, worming products (Drugs that expired less than one year ago are fine. Contact us if the drug expiry date is older). We can often use medicine for humans also.
Betadine liquid & ointment
Bandages & dressings (especially ‘Vet-wrap’ or Coban, Soffban or Velband, sterile & non-sterile gauze, non-stick dressings, Micropore tape 25mm)
Test kits for rabies, distemper, and parvo
Urinalysis test strips – 10 parameters
Sterile needles & syringes, especially 1ml & 23 gauge needles
IV fluid – 0.9% saline, pedeatric fluid, Gelofusine
Surgical drapes & gowns
Sterile surgical gloves
Non-sterile disposable gloves: XL, L, M
Scissors & shears for cutting hair & wool
Hair clippers and blades
Hoof trimming tools & sharpeners
Pathology – in date blood collection tubes, swabs etc
Microscope slides & cover slips
Sterile specimen collections jars
Supplies for treating flaky or irritable skin, eg, shampoo
Dog and cat toys and chewy treats
Hot water bottles
Digital X-ray unit
Ultrasound machine
Pulse oximeter/ECG
Pathology equipment for analysis & collection (eg, centrifuge, haematocrit tubes)
SD & CF memory cards for cameras & video
Digital camera
Mobile phones
Laptop computers
Data projector
External hard drives
USB flash drives (thumb drives / memory sticks)
Veterinary textbooks & reference books
Office supplies (eg, A4 copy paper, marker pens, post-it notes etc)
Printer ink (Canon Pixma 820 & 821)
Cleaning supplies (mops, cloths, floor cleaner, disinfectant , paper towels, toilet paper, bin liners, garbage bags, buckets etc)
Bottles of distilled water (for autoclave)