Some of the activities of Tree of Compassion.


MAITRI’s 30 Years of Service to Others

Tree of Compassion is proud to have produced this video showcasing some of the work of MAITRI Charitable Trust, which we have had a connection with for a very long time. Please enjoy some scenes (and some upbeat music!) over the last few decades of MAITRI, in the service of others.



Surgery to Save Osel’s Leg

Tree of Compassion brought veterinarian Dr Howard Ralph from Australia to Nepal for urgent surgery on Osel, a goat at the Animal Liberation Sanctuary. Read more.


2015 Review in Images

Another busy year for Tree of Compassion, summarised in images in this short video.

New Year Message from Sanctuary Animals

The animals from the Animal Liberation Sanctuary discuss what message they should give everyone for New Year. They decide that if everyone has a happy new year, then everyone will be happy, so they wish everyone the Happiest New Year!

Assessing the Damage

Tree of Compassion visits the Boudhanath area to assess impacts and whether there is a need for veterinary care for animals. The 25th April 2015 Nepal earthquake has damaged the precious Boudha stupa and the normally busy pilgrimage, tourist and market areas are still quiet as locals avoid entering buildings while tremors continue. Some four story buildings have come down with loss of life and infrastructure is badly affected. Water shortages are beginning to bite. Injuries to animals appear light in this area so far.

Tree of C deploys after Nepal quake

A video of Tree of Compassion arrival the day after the main 2015 Nepal earthquake and moments after the second big quake.

Year of the Goat/Sheep & Rumours at the Sanctuary

At the Animal Liberation Sanctuary, Nepal, rumours about a special visitor go around the residents. Thanks to Nadya Hutagalung for her support and all her work for animals, environment and people!

Seven Days of MAITRI

We have put this short video together showing the day to day work carried out by MAITRI Charitable Trust in India. It is hard to comprehend how many activities this small NGO does “in the service of others”, and the commitment it has to the individuals in its care. You can donate to MAITRI through Tree of Compassion or directly. Every bit really does make a difference.

 MAITRI 25 Years of Service

MAITRI Charitable Trust celebrated its 25th anniversary of service to others in 2014. This is a short tribute to its humble work in the Bodhgaya area of Bihar, India. It is made up of photos and video from the past and present.

Dzambala Farewell

The first goat in Nepal to have an artificial limb? Dzambala lost part of his leg to cancer. He was rescued many years ago from a roadside butcher by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and came to live at Kopan Monastery. The slowly growing group of rescued animals became the ‘Animal Liberation Sanctuary, Nepal’.


Wildlife Rescue – Coonabarabran 2013

Wildlife Rescue & Treatment team from Tree of Compassion at the Coonabarabran fires NSW January 2013.


Rescued Animals in Nepal at the Animal Liberation Sanctuary – an insider’s view

A goat-insider’s view of life at the Animal Liberation Sanctuary.

Elsewhere in Nepal many locals are sacrificing animals at part of the Hindu festival of Dashain. Here at the Animal Liberation Sanctuary at Kopan Monastery 35 goats and 2 sheep previously rescued from the butcher or sacrifice (mainly by Lama Zopa Rinpoche) are making their way around a Buddhist stupa to purify negative karma and create the causes for higher rebirth.


MAITRI – Actions of MAITRI

A short video about some of the ‘actions of MAITRI’ (MAITRI is a Sanskrit word which denotes universal love and compassion) in Bodhgaya, India.

MAITRI Charitable Trust is a socially engaged charity providing health care and fostering rural development through integrated programmes based on a holistic view of village life, founded on relationships with populations through direct contact. It depends entirely on grants and donations.

MAITRI is engaged in the eradication of leprosy, the control of TB, the medical assistance and care for expecting mothers and new born babies, the life-saving assistance to malnourished small children, the promotion of awareness about compliance with child immunization programmes, the promotion of awareness regarding leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS, hygiene, and birth control, the education of children and adults in rural areas, the rehabilitation of disabled people, the provision of opportunities to women and other underprivileged persons, the promotion of a holistic development in villages, the rescuing and care of animals in Bodhgaya , India…