MAITRI Charitable Trust

Bodhgaya, a small town in Bihar, India is the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment. This is where MAITRI Charitable Trust is located, about 5km from the holy pilgrimage site where Shakyamuni Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree until he was able to reach enlightenment in order to benefit all sentient beings. In the spirit of the Buddha, MAITRI also helps as many sentient beings as possible, both human and animal.

Bihar is one of the poorest states in India and MAITRI’s programs aim to assist those in need. The beneficial impact of MAITRI’s work in the area cannot be underestimated. MAITRI is engaged in the eradication of leprosy, the control of tuberculosis, medical assistance and care for expecting mothers, new born babies and malnourished small children, child immunization programs, village schools, various education outreach programs, rehabilitation of disabled people, provision of opportunities to women and other underprivileged persons, promotion of a holistic development in villages, reafforestation, and the rescuing and care of animals.

MAITRI works on many government health programs, such as leprosy and TB, however it receives no government funding for this vital work. At it’s campus, MAITRI runs a small hospital for the treatment of the secondary effects of leprosy, seriously ill TB patients and other cases, a shelter for homeless and disabled patients, and it provides a permanent home to almost 100 rescued dogs, 45 sheep, several rabbits, chickens and a horse.

Tree of Compassion provides in-kind support of materials and volunteer assistance, as well as donations. MAITRI easily meets our objects of supporting animals, people and the environment. It is also a grass-roots organisation that reaches thousands of the most needy people in the area each week with programs designed to affect lasting positive change. By donating to Tree of Compassion, you can help continue the work that MAITRI does.

Children at a MAITRI outreach clinic

Children at a MAITRI Village School