Wildlife Carer Training

Tree of Compassion has a wildlife carer training and education program run by our committee members Dr Howard Ralph and Tania Duratovic.

Dr Howard Ralph has been a veterinarian for almost 40 years & has a wealth of knowledge, skills & experience when it comes to wildlife of all species. Tania Duratovic is a fauna ecologist & also a veterinary nurse. They have worked together on a number of disaster both in Australia & overseas from oil spills, to bushfires, to floods & cyclones. Tania & Howard regularly work together to treat our Australian native wildlife.

Courses include:

Burns and Their Management

Bushfires, Their Management and Response (see also Animal Rescue Checklist)

Fluid Therapy

Wounds & Their Management

Pain Management


And a whole range of other topics tailored to your needs.

Dr Howard Ralph & Tania Duratovic, Black Saturday Fires (Photo:JGalea)

Dr Howard Ralph & Tania Duratovic, Black Saturday Fires (Photo:JGalea)

Contact us for more information about how we can provide training for your group & for upcoming courses.