Ethical & Green Electricity

If you have been trying to get a better deal on electricity in Australia recently you will know how difficult it is to sort out fact from fiction. We have been continually concerned about the  tactics used by ‘Big Electricity’ companies to discourage renewable energy in Australia.

Who is the most ethical electricity company in NSW (where we are based)?

Who has the best green power credentials in Australia?

These are the questions we have been asking. In 2014 we posted this article summarising our attempts to change to a greener company. Since then a new player, Powershop, has emerged and has been endorsed by many experts as a very suitable company to switch too.

As always, you should do your homework. Powershop certainly appears to be a good choice and many of the big companies are definitely ones you could comfortably avoid. Why give unethical companies more money to influence governments to damage our world further? If we can’t invest in more ethical practices, who will? Individually we do have power because everything in a modern market economy is measured and assessed. If each of us makes the switch, the profit-seekers will follow and the industry will evolve.powershop-mission-accomplished