Kittens need a loving home!

Yeshe the kitten

UPDATE! All kittens have found homes!

Thank you to the kind families who have taken in all the kittens.


Original Story

Young Dekyi was rescued off the street where she was continually attacked and raped by other cats in the area. Her kittens had also been attacked and killed. At the time of her rescue by a kind friend, she was already pregnant again. Although restless and cautious, she settled into her new safe life well. Tree of Compassion built an outdoor netted enclosure for her so she can safely access both the indoors and outdoors. Deyki has since given birth to six beautiful kittens: Samten, Yeshe, Zopa, Tsultrim, Tara and Sangpo. These little ones now 8 weeks old and need to find a forever home where they can only know peace and love. (Deyki, who has just been desexed, will stay with her rescuer).

If you live in the Sydney area, have a safe, cat friendly home and want to know the joy of a furry feline companion, please let us know. If you can give a home to two, that would be even better as they really are bonded little siblings and ask any cat lover, two is always better than one! If you are not in a position to adopt but still want to help, financial donations towards their food etc, is welcome and can be done via our website (just drop us an email to let us know that you have and that it’s for the cats).