MAITRI covid appeal

Our friends in India are facing their most challenging conditions in their 32 years of service. Donations in Australia can be made fee free via our account.

MAITRI has continued to operate its hospital and animal shelter throughout the long, strict lockdown, as well as distributing food packages to villagers. However, it is clear that MAITRI’s normal programs are more important than ever. Our paramedical workers continue to go into the poorest areas and they report that the need is dire. We are desperate to find ways to meet this humanitarian tragedy. Our staff members are local people and simply bearing witness has never been the MAITRI way. We all want to help where it is most needed.

I am here appealing for your financial support in this most difficult period of our 31 years, so that our dedicated life saving and life changing work can continue.

You can read the full email here and subscribe to MAITR’s email news. Donations for MAITRI in Australia can be made through Tree of Compassion.



MAITRI help during covid

MAITRI help during covid