New Burns Manual!

Burns manualThis new ‘Bushfires, Burns and their Management in Animals‘ manual will be first available at the Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference in Melbourne on 1st August 2016.

All animals are vulnerable to bushfires, particularly wildlife. Unfortunately, Australia is increasingly experiencing hotter and more unpredictable fires. Sadly, many animals that manage to survive the initial fire front later succumb to their injuries.

Some of this suffering can be reduced by improving the rescuer response, particularly in regards to wildlife. By being better prepared before a bushfire strikes and by responding more effectively once it does, the animals that do survive the first impact are more likely to be rescued and have a greater chance of recovery.

This guide aims to help in both respects.

Part 1 looks at the role of fire in Australia’s ecology, the emergency management framework, how to prepare your rescue group and individuals, how to work with incident management teams, risk assessments, and animal rescue roles and procedures.

Part 2 discusses burns and their management, examining the causes, the assessment and the different management techniques for burns patients. First Aid, pain relief, fluid management, analgesia, diagnostic tests, dressings, nutrition, skin care and physiotherapy are some of the topics covered.

Available at the Tree of Compassion stall at AWRC 2016 Melbourne